​Driveway Restoration


We offer a powerful, fast and effective driveway cleaning service throughout Norfolk & Suffolk, which has fantastic results!


Restore that 'brand new' look to your drive, patio, paving, stone etc. All our equipment is top of the range, ensuring you get the best possible service for driveway cleaning.


We can guarantee an excellent quality finish, so call now for a FREE quotation.

  • Pressure Washing (domestic and commercial customers)

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Paving and Pathway Cleaning

  • Decking Cleaning

  • Sanding of drives

  • Application of protective sealant on drives

Get Your Driveway SEALED!

CALL 01502 710 037 or 07733 473 698 for a FREE quotation.

Prices start from just £3.00 per sq/mtr.


***Get your Gutters Cleared at the same time and get 10% OFF***

Get Oil Stains Removed!


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