Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Manual Moss Removal v's High Powered Pressure Washer

Is your roof covered in clumps of moss, algae and lichen?

The good news is the roof moss can be removed and a Softwash Solution applied to prevent it from growing back.

The manual moss removal method is preferred by homeowners concerned about the use of high-powered pressure washers on their roof tiles, which in some cases can cause damage.


The 'manual' moss removal process involves:

  • Erecting Access Scaffold Tower equipment to roof level.

  • Sheeting over any flower beds/patio etc with a tarpaulin sheet.

  • Remove the roof moss with a scraper.

  • Brush off the dust from the roof.

  • Treat the roof with a Softwash Solution, to prevent further growth. (Over the next few weeks and months the remaining particles will turn into water soluble particles leaving your roof looking cleaner and perfectly moss , algae and lichen free).

  • Clean out the gutters & tidy site, remove all waste material.

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