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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping - We seal your fireplace opening. Clean your chimney using the latest Rodtech Power Sweeping Equipment or depending on the chimney, brush and rods. An industrial hepa filtered vacuum collects the soot (keeping dust to an absolute minimum). After sweeping we conduct a Smoke Test (in accordance with current Building Regulations & British Standards) by putting a smoke pellet in the opening to check the draw of the chimney. We then issue an Insurance industry-recognised Certificate of Sweeping. 


No mess, No dust, No fuss!  This ensures there is no build up of soot that could cause a chimney fire or resin from burning wood and logs. Carbon monoxide, if your chimney blocks or is not drawing properly you are at risk of poisonous fumes from burning - coal, wood, gas or oil.


We are fully covered by our Public Liability Insurance policy of £3,000,000.00 ensuring our customers peace of mind when using our services.

HETAS recommends that your chimney undergoes at least a yearly inspection:


*Smokeless Fuel - At least once a year.

*Bituminous Coal - Quarterly when in use.

*Wood Burning - Quarterly when in use.

*Gas - At least once a year. 

*Oil Fired - At least once a year.


This will ensure that your chimney is kept in perfect condition, fit and safe for purpose.

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