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UPVC Replacement Windows

For a FREE no obligation quote on sealed unit replacement contact us now! Your double glazed units may have broken down with condensation but this does not mean you have to replace the whole window, we can replace the sealed unit with no mess and in quick time for a fraction of the cost of new windows!

What Is Energy-Efficient Glass And How Does It Work?

With heating costs on the rise, plenty of homeowners are seeking ways to cut down on their monthly bill and save money in the long run.

Energy-efficient glass is specially designed to reflect heat back into the home, optimising the money you spend on energy bills. Instead of escaping through windows and doors, the reflected warm air can be recirculated around the house.

Double glazed windows are considered a form of energy-efficient glazing, as their insulating properties also stop warm air from escaping. The most energy-efficient glass, however, is called low emissivity, or ‘low-E’ glass. The emissivity of a glass refers to how well it can radiate heat energy.

If your UPVC Windows are frosted over, misted up or cracked...

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